Registered Email for E-Billing

Beginning with 2018 2nd Half Personal Property E-bill Notices citizens will receive Registered Emails from
The email will contain the banner of our partner in eBill services as shown below.

Registered Ebill EmailIf you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
If you are interested in E-Billing please click here

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1. Why are vehicles I currently own not listed?
2. Why are my business personal property accounts not listed?
3. There is a vehicle listed that I no longer own. Whom do I contact?
4. I have a leased vehicle, why can’t I register for E-Bill?
5. I signed up for E-Bill but have not received an e-mail confirmation. Why is that?
6. Will my information be sold or provided to other agencies for purposes other than receiving my tax bills?
7. Why did I still receive a paper bill when I signed up for the E-Bill process?
8. I believe there is an error in the assessed value of my vehicle. Whom do I contact?
9. Registered Email for E-Billing