How do I find out more about an application?
With the exception of Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAMs), public files are maintained for all applications in the Department of Building and Development at the Land Development counter on the second floor of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, S.E., in Leesburg. Applications are also maintained electronically in the county’s Land Management Information System (LMIS). CPAM files are maintained in the Department of Planning on the third floor of the county government center. As a part of the new LOLA system, all application materials (i.e. submittal documents, county comments, staff reports, etc.) are available online.

If an application is going to a worksession, business meeting, or public hearing, whether before the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors, the staff report and attachments relating to the application are posted to the appropriate site on the Internet approximately one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The documents are posted by meeting date. Links to the documents are provided on the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors’ webpages.

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2. How do I find out more about an application?
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