Virginia Cooperative Extension - Loudoun

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Loudoun provides research-based educational programs for Loudoun County residents. These programs promote healthy living, improving our food systems, youth development, and taking care of the environment.

This education includes:

  • Improving Our Food System 
  • Teaching Life Skills and Reducing Youth Depression
  • Helping Health and Well-Being of Low-Income Families
  • Increasing Sustainability of Agricultural Operations
  • Promoting Environmental Conservation and Care
  1. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: The ‘Awesome’ Health Benefits of Gardening

    How can plant care be ‘self-care’? How does the experience of ‘awe’ help us re-energize? Learn how gardening can help us cultivate and reap a multitude of health benefits with Jan Lane, registered horticultural therapist. Read on...
  2. VCE Loudoun Offers Reduced Cost Water Testing for Wells, Cisterns, Springs

    Registration for VCE Loudoun’s reduced cost household water quality testing program is open this spring. Read on...
  3. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: Snakes Alive: An Introduction to the Snakes of Loudoun County

    Snakes play an important role in maintaining the balance and diversity of native species. Join VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners to learn how to identify the snakes that are native to our area and to discuss how we can live harmoniously with them. Read on...
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