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1. What happens once I receive an Affordable Dwelling Unit Rental Program certificate?
2. Once I receive an ADU Rental Program certificate, am I automatically approved at the participating apartment complexes?
3. Are required fees at the participating apartment complexes waived for ADU Rental Program certificate holders?
4. Can I take the ADU Rental Program certificate to any complex or are there specific apartment complexes that participate in the ADU Rental Program?
5. What happens when a new community participates in the ADU Rental Program?
6. Are utilities included in the ADU rent?
7. Can ADU rental complexes increase the ADU rents?
8. Are there any other required fees besides application fees and amenities fees?
9. The ADU Rental Program has a maximum income requirement of 50% of the area median income indexed by family size. Are there any participating communities that have special income requirements?
10. How long is the ADU Rental Certificate valid for?
11. What happens if I submit ADU Rental Program renewal paperwork but I am no longer eligible for the ADU Rental Program once it is reviewed?
12. Once I receive an ADU Rental Certificate, does it matter who lives in the ADU unit with me?
13. What happens if I have a visitor when I live in an ADU Rental Unit?
14. What happens if an ADU Rental Certificate holder is evicted from an ADU unit?
15. What happens if I am living in an ADU Rental unit and I cannot pay my rent?
16. What happens if an ADU Rental certificate holder moves out of an ADU rental unit owing a balance?
17. What happens if an ADU Rental Program certificate holder is found guilty of fraud or failure to report information?