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1. What are the requirements to record a document in the land records?
2. How do I obtain a Parcel Identification Number(s) for property located in Loudoun County?
3. If there is a change or an error on the deed does a new deed need to be recorded?
4. Can I prepare my own deed?
5. Can deputy clerks assist or advise with questions regarding drafting a document?
6. Is it necessary to remove a decedent's name from a deed?
7. Where can I research Code of Virginia exemption codes?
8. Does the land records division provide forms or templates of documents?
9. What happens when I pay off my deed of trust/mortgage and will I be receiving a new deed?
10. How can I obtain a copy of my deed, certificate and affidavit of satisfaction or other recorded document?
11. How do I obtain a house location survey?
12. How do I check easements, right of ways and deed restrictions on my ground?
13. Does Loudoun County require Virginia Land Records coversheets?