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1. LAX has instituted a more frequent disinfection schedule of once an hour. What is Dulles International Airport doing? What is Leesburg Executive Airport doing?
2. What is the procedure at Dulles for passengers arriving on international flights?
3. What happens if an international passenger is exhibiting COVID 19 systems in flight or shortly after landing?
4. Testing at Dulles Airport does not seem as robust as other international airports in other countries. Is there a reason for the lag and can Dulles be more pro-active?
5. What if a Dulles Airport or airline employee has COVID-19 symptoms but doesn’t have enough sick leave to remain home?
6. Is there faster testing available for Dulles Airport or airline employees who work in International flights?
7. At this time, is Dulles Airport still accepting flights from China, India or other countries with a high number of identified COVID 19 cases?