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1. How should the scoring criteria be applied to a hybrid LIHTC deal? Do the requirements apply to the 9% and 4% portion separately or for the entirety of the development?
2. When should developers apply for project-based-vouchers (PBVs) if they are planning to include PBVs in their LIHTC 9% application?
3. Is there a specific definition of “entry-level worker unit”?
4. Does a loan program application require the site to be appropriately zoned at the time of application?
5. Does the County loan program require Davis Bacon wages?
6. How are partial points awarded when scoring a Housing Fund application?
7. In Section 1 of the Scoring Criteria, must each of the percentages of units be unique? For instance, can the 20% for seniors also be the 20% for disabled units, or must they be separate units?
8. What does the term “Project Manager” refer to in the Application Requirements list?
9. When can an off-cycle loan application be submitted?
10. Are there any restrictions or scoring considerations related to a property developed on a long-term ground lease rather than fee simple ownership of the site?