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1. May I burn my leaves and brush pile?
2. I am hosting an event and am planning to put up a tent. Are there requirements I must follow?
3. I want to display fireworks in my back yard. Are certain fireworks illegal to possess?
4. I live in an apartment and I was told I cannot grill on my balcony. Is there a regulation prohibiting this?
5. I use my propane grill outside and away from the apartment building. Can I store my propane in my apartment or on the deck during the winter?
6. Where can I find a permit application?
7. When are you allowed to do open burning?
8. How do I request a fire safety talk or request a fire engine to attend my event?
9. I am interested in learning more about the smoke alarm and other safety programs, who do I need to contact?
10. I have old ammunition, where can I safely dispose of it?
11. What do I need to know to start my own food truck in Loudoun County?