Short-Term Residential Rentals

A short-term residential rental is the provision of a room or space that is suitable or intended for occupancy for dwelling, sleeping, or lodging purposes, for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days, in exchange for a charge for the occupancy.

Operating a Short-Term Rental

  1. Annual Property Registration
  2. Obtain a Zoning Permit
  3. File for Business Tangible Personal Property Tax
  4. Other STR Regulations

Annual Property Registration

Operators of short-term residential rentals in Loudoun are required to register their properties online annually. Registration is free and active July 1 - June 30. 

After completing the registration form, operators will receive a confirmation e-mail with a copy of the registration for their records. Operators who do not register with the county may face a fine of $500 per violation.

The State Code of Virginia provides for exemptions to the registration requirement. (See Section B.2). Individuals who are exempt from registering are still required to obtain a zoning permit for the short-term rental property. 

Ordinances Regarding Short-Term Rentals

Stay Informed About Short-Term Residential Rentals