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Collection Services

Loudoun County does not offer trash or recycling collection services.

Curbside trash and recycling collection services are provided by town governments, some homeowners associations, and private trash / recycling removal companies.

Where Do You Live?

  • I live in an incorporated town or HOA.
    Visit HOAs and Towns for contact information regarding the town or HOA where you live.
  • I do not live in an incorporated town or HOA - or - I do not have services provided.
    Visit Permitted Collectors for contact information regarding trash and recycling services and to set them up directly.

Please note - private trash / recycling collection services vary from place to place. Ask your realtor, landlord, or a neighbor about trash and recycling collection in your community.

Loudoun County Landfill & Recycling Centers

You may also bring your trash directly to the Loudoun County Landfill.

Loudoun also offers Recycling Centers throughout the county and residential curbside recycling guidelines,


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