Property Assessment and Tax

The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office handles the Assessment and Taxation for three main types of property: Real Estate, Vehicles, and Businesses. Each of these property types has its own division within the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office, as well as its own Assessment and Taxation qualifications and calculations.

Real Estate

The Real Estate division includes residential homes, commercial businesses, as well as agricultural properties. This division is responsible for the annual assessment of all residential homes and commercial businesses in Loudoun County, which utilizes tax rates set by the Board of Supervisors each year.


The Personal Property division is responsible for assessing many types of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, tractor trailers, and airplanes. This includes both individual’s personal vehicles, as well as business use vehicles and any related appeals. The tax rates for these various vehicles are set by the Board of Supervisors each year.

Business Tax

The Business Tax division is responsible for assessing taxes on businesses, including business licenses, business tangible personal property, public service corporation, transient occupancy, short term rental, and consumer utility taxes. Business rates are set by the Board of Supervisors.