Security Screening in County Facilities

Security screening is in place to enforce Loudoun County Codified Ordinance Chapter 684.04; Possession of Firearms on County Property. All visitors must pass through the screening process when entering the following Loudoun County facilities:

Please note visitors must enter through the main entrance of each building. All other doorways that were previously accessible by the public are closed as entrances. Parking near main entrances of each building is encouraged.

Security screening is also required at the Loudoun County Courthouse using a different process. For more information, visit

What to Expect During Screening

  • Touchless, pass-through
  • No need to empty pockets or remove purses/briefcases/backpacks
  • Safe to use with medical devices
  • Security Officer to monitor screening
  • Wheelchair accessible

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms and Ammunition pursuant to Chapter 684.04 of the Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County.
  • Devices designed to expel a projectile by means of compressed air or gas. Including air gun, air rifle, pneumatic gun or other similar devices.
  • Any device designed or modified to be a weapon as described in Section 18.2-308 Code of Virginia. 

Exemptions to this list of prohibited items:

  • Exemptions as enumerated in Chapter 684.04
  • Items that are used for work purposes. The possessor of the item must be able to articulate the need for this item for work purposes.

If you are unsure of the status of any item that you wish to bring into the building, please check with the Security Officer before doing so.