Land Records

Recording Land Records 

View information about recordation of land records, including requirements, standards, fees and taxes.

Recording Judgment Documents

View information regarding recordation of judgment documents.

E-Recording/E-Filing of Land Records Documents

The Land Records Division accepts e-recording submissions from the providers listed below; contact them directly regarding account set up. The Clerk’s Office does not provide recommendations regarding provider selection.


Remote Access to Land Records Management System

Access is offered through a secured and restricted website on subscription basis. Information regarding availability of records, fees, and agreement terms can be viewed here. 

Existing subscribers can now renew their accounts using a major credit card directly from their online accounts (Credit Card Renewal Instructions (PDF)). Account can be renewed online even if subscription has expired. 

Existing subscribers can also mail in a check with the completed Subscription Renewal Form (PDF)


Land Records Escrow Account

Professionals and title companies have an option of setting up an escrow account for obtaining copies and recording services. Refer to Escrow Account Application (PDF) for more information.

Additional Resources