Judgment Order or Abstract of Judgment Recording

  • Fee: $10
  • Judgments rendered by Virginia Circuit, General District, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. Also, judgments rendered in Virginia by the following Federal Courts: Eastern District of Virginia, Western District of Virginia District Court and Bankruptcy Court, and Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 

Judgment Order

  • A certified copy of a decree or order requiring payment money embraced by the word "judgment" (Virginia Code § 8.01-426) that specifies the full names of the parties and the monetary amount. 

Abstract of Judgment

  • An abstract of judgment (CC-1464) prepared by courts outlined above; must be original and in proper form to be accepted to record.

Foreign Judgment Recording

  • Fee: $25
  • Judgments rendered by courts outside the Commonwealth of Virginia and any Federal Court not noted above.
  • To docket a foreign judgment (Virginia Code § 8.01-465.1) submit the following:
    • An exemplified certified copy or an exemplified original abstract of a judgment (commonly referred to as "triple seal")
    • Notarized affidavit from the plaintiff or plaintiff's legal representative, stating the last known addresses of all parties (Virginia Code § 8.01-465.3)
    • Payment of $25

Judgment Release Recording

Submitting Recording

In Person

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Land Records Recording Division
18 E Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176

By Mail

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Land Records Recording Division
P.O. Box 550
Leesburg, VA 20178

Other Costs & Fees

  • Recording of Judgment Assignment/Subsequent Entries (CC-1462) - $10
  • Recording of Judgment Extention (CC-1535) - $10
  • Abstract of Judgment - $5
  • Exemplified Abstract of Judgment ("triple seal") - $7.50

Please Note: Requests must be mailed with reference to instrument number/judgment book and page, check payment, and return self-addressed prepaid envelope.

Additional Information

  • Judgments rendered in Loudoun County Circuit Court that meet the requirements set out by § 8.01-426 are automatically docketed with Land Records.
  • The Clerk of the Circuit Court retains all original judgments, judgment releases, and foreign judgments in its custody.
  • The Land Records Division does not have payoff information. Additional information for specific cases may be available in the Civil Division or Criminal Division.
  • The Clerk of the Circuit Court does not send information to credit agencies.