Annual Voting for Disabled or Ill Voters

Ongoing Disability or Illness

If your personal situation meets certain requirements, you can receive absentee ballots on an ongoing basis. If you have an ongoing disability or illness and you wish to receive an absentee ballot by mail for all elections in which you are eligible to vote, call 703-777-0380 and you will receive an Annual Absentee Ballot Application (PDF). The first application you send back to us requires a physician’s signature, verifying your disability or illness.

You will be sent absentee ballots for all elections in which you are eligible to vote for one calendar year. In December of every year, you will be sent another Annual Absentee Ballot Application to be completed in order to request ballots for the upcoming election year. This second Annual Absentee Ballot Application does not need the physician's signature since you would have already submitted a physician's statement on your first Annual Absentee Ballot Application.