About the Department

The Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning prepares reports and studies to assist the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and residents in the development of policies and plans that guide the use of land in the county.

The department:

  • Manages land development applications for rezonings and special exceptions
  • Administers and enforces zoning ordinances
  • Assists property owners in the management of historic, archaeological and agricultural/forestal resources
  • Prepares reports and studies to guide the development of land use policies and plans  

Community Planning 

Community Planning supports the Board of Supervisors in developing land use and growth management policies by conducting research and analysis, preparing policy options and managing the public process. During the policy development process, staff:

  • Organizes community meetings, forums and workshops to identify issues
  • Serves as the community's point of contact
  • Advises the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on approaches for resolving issues
  • Provides technical and administrative support 
  • Reviews development proposals for consistency with Comprehensive Plan policy
  • Provides professional support for Loudoun's Historic and Cultural Resources, and for the Design Cabinet

Community Planning supports the plan development and amendment process, and determines the need for Commission Permits and compliance with State and Federal environmental regulations such as Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) reviews.

Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center provides a central point for the Department of Planning and Zoning to assist with:

  • Inquiries regarding planning and zoning applications or zoning research
  • Legislative and department processes
  • Intake of applications and fees
  • Waiver requests, such as application checklist, application fee, and public hearing waivers
  • Period of validity extension requests
  • Overseeing legislative pre-application conferences and reviews legislative applications for         completeness

Legislative Land Use Review

Legislative Land Use Review helps applicants with legislative land use cases, such as rezonings and special exceptions, by serving as project managers. In their role, the Land Use Review project managers coordinate with various County and State agencies for referral comments for each legislative application. Other responsibilities include:

  • Presenting the application to various appointed boards and commissions
  • Writing staff reports that include detailed analysis 
  • Facilitating meetings with applicants and County staff
  • Serving as point of contact for applicants and their representatives 

Zoning Administration

Zoning Administration does the following:

  • Administers and enforces the provisions and regulations of the Loudoun County Zoning             Ordinances. These Zoning Ordinances:
    • Outline the County's zoning districts and special overlay areas 
    • Provide details relevant to each specific zoning district, such as:
      • Guidelines for the subdivision of land (minimum parcel size, yard requirements, etc.)
      • Permitted and special exception uses
      • Additional development requirements
  • Manages proffer administration
  • Reviews development plans/projects within the county to ensure compliance with the governing zoning ordinance and any applicable proffers or conditions of approval 

Zoning Enforcement

The Zoning Enforcement Team strives to make sure properties within the county are in conformity with the Zoning Ordinances and specific Board-adopted chapters of the Virginia Maintenance Code.