Programs & Services

The Department of Community Corrections offers several different services for the court to utilize. Many of our programs are offered with the assistance of the Loudoun County Department of Mental Health / Substance Abuse / Developmental Services.

Below are brief descriptions of the programs and services offered by the Department of Community Corrections. For additional information, please contact our office.

Adult Drug Treatment Court

Drug treatment courts are specialized court dockets within the existing structure of Virginia's court system offering judicial monitoring of intensive treatment and strict supervision of substance-abusing defendants in drug and drug-related cases. Participation in drug court is voluntary and available to a limited number of non-violent offenders who have substance use disorders.

Anger Management

The Anger Management is a 12-week group curriculum. The types of cases that are appropriate for this group are non-domestic, anger related crimes, which may include Destruction of Property or Reckless Driving (road rage).

Community Service Monitoring

A judge may order some individuals to complete community service work as part of their punishment. The Department of Community Corrections will approve and monitor the hours accomplished at a non-profit organization until the all of the community service is completed.

Domestic Violence

Two domestic violence programs are available to offenders who are referred to us by the court. Both of these programs are available to males and females, however, they are offered at separate times.

  • The 17-week Therapeutic Group deals with domestic violence and anger management, with domestic violence being the primary focus. This course is also offered in Spanish.
  • The second group is the Batterer's Group and is 24-weeks in length. The Batterer's Group generally deals with repeat offenders and/or individuals with serious offenses.

GPS Monitoring

The GPS monitoring program was designed for offenders who pose a minimal risk to the community, yet whose behavior and/or offense indicate a need for close supervision. These individuals may be referred from Pretrial or Probation.

Life Skills

The Life Skills Program was designed for at-risk offenders. Instruction includes money management, parenting skills, GED and employment training. One of the Probation Officers at the Department of Community Corrections will help individuals develop these necessary skills.

Payment of Restitution, Court Costs & Fines

The Department of Community Corrections will assist and monitor individuals who need to pay restitution, court costs, etc by establishing a schedule of payment.

Pretrial Release Program

The Pretrial Release Program offers the judiciary pretrial defendant supervision as opposed to incarceration. It also provides background investigation of incarcerated pretrial defendants and makes recommendations to the court regarding whether they would be appropriate candidates for supervised release.

Sex Offender

Two sex offender groups are available to offenders based on their Probation Officer's recommendation.

  • The 15-week educational group helps offenders understand the cycle of sexual offending. Topics discussed in this group are triggers, thinking errors, etc.
  • The second group, relapse prevention is for probationers who need to undergo therapy that is more extensive than the first group. The length of the relapse prevention group will be determined by the Courts and / or the Department of Community Corrections.

Shoplifting Prevention

  • The Shoplifting Prevention Program is a one-time, three-hour class taught by a certified instructor.
  • An alternative program is offered for Spanish-speaking offenders.

Substance Abuse

Two in-house substance abuse groups are available to offenders referred to the Department of Community Corrections. Placement into these groups is at the discretion of the Probation Officer. Substance abuse drug testing will be a component of both programs.

  • Substance Abuse Education has an 8-week curriculum and consists of first-time offenders.
  • Substance Abuse Recovery has a 12-week curriculum and AA / NA attendance is required for this program as well.

Veterans Treatment Docket

The Loudoun County Veterans Treatment Dockets is a specialized court docket led by the General District Court within the existing structure of Virginia's court system that offers substance use and mental health treatment for eligible defendants. Loudoun’s specialty docket is designed to serve justice-involved veterans of the U.S. military branches, including the National Guard and reserves, who have mental illness or co-occurring disorders. 

Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

This program is mandatory for offenders convicted of first or second Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and amended charges. The Victim Impact Panel is a one-time class featuring a panel of speakers that share their stories of how they were affected by a DWI-related incident. At the conclusion of the panel, offenders are required to complete a short writing assignment on what they have learned from the VIP program. The Victim Impact Panel is also offered in Spanish.