Signatures of Loudoun

2021 Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards

The Loudoun County Design Cabinet is seeking nominations for the 2021 Signatures of Loudoun Awards program. All varieties of nominations are encouraged: private and public, large and small. Nominations are considered by the Design Cabinet for awards in eight categories:

  • Details: Excellence or whimsy demonstrated in the form of minutiae or finishing touches, which visually delight or offer a sense of continuity with Loudoun’s history. 
  • Familiar: the exceptional attention given to surrounding buildings, places and details during the project design. A highly “contextual” design solution in which the newly “adopted child” looks as if it had always been a visually harmonious member of the larger family of forms, textures and colors which can be found in the neighborhood.
  • Infrastructure: including facilities, utilities, roadways, bridges, streetscape, parkways and trails.
  • Interiors: an interior space, including residential, commercial, retail and public-sector structures.
  • Legends: projects or places that have stood the “test of time” over 25 years or more -- icons of our collective memory that make Loudoun County unique.
  • Makeovers: historic renovation and/or adaptive reuse projects that mirror Loudoun’s reputation as a place of rich contrasts and preserve a piece of its unique history.
  • Public Spaces: public greens, plazas and squares that have become a favorite gathering place.
  • Pace Setters: Recent, visually groundbreaking projects that mark the current state of affairs and potentially set the pace for the future. Pace Setters may well be the Legends of a quarter century from now.

The nomination period is open through April 23, 2021. Previous applicants for the canceled 2020 awards will be contacted directly and offered the option of being considered for the 2021 awards. This year’s awardees will be honored at a virtual event in June 2021.

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