Street Naming or Renaming 

The Office of Mapping and Geographic Information is responsible for administering the naming of streets and for assigning addresses in most areas of Loudoun County that are outside the incorporated towns. Streets are named according to specific criteria so that public safety personnel can locate homes, businesses and people in the event of an emergency. A uniform system of street naming and addressing also provides residents and businesses with an efficient means to receive mail, packages, and other services. The criteria and processes for how streets are named or renamed in the county may be found in Chapter 1020 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances.

What to Expect for Residents and Businesses

  • Residents and businesses should not begin using their new addresses until they are notified by the county.
  • Affected property owners will be notified of the effective date of their new address and street name approximately sixty days in advance. This will allow affected property owners sufficient time to change addresses. 
  • The county will also provide the new road and street names to Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, TomTom and the United States Postal Service, requesting that these providers update their data and systems. 
  • For residents and businesses, the effective date of the new address will be coordinated with the installation of new street signs. 
  • View a checklist of agencies you should notify if your address changes (PDF).