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Mar 24

[ARCHIVED] County Begins Westpark Property Maintenance

The original item was published from March 24, 2023 12:07 PM to March 24, 2023 12:54 PM

Loudoun County has started various property maintenance activities planned for 2023 at the Westpark property in Leesburg, which is the future site of a new passive park. Area residents may have noticed some activity on the property and will soon begin seeing regular maintenance.

It is important to remember that because the property is now in conservation easement, it will no longer be operated or maintained as a golf course. As a result, the maintenance of the property will be different than what residents experienced when the property was a golf course.

Grass Maintenance

In April 2023, Loudoun County will begin grass mowing activities on the Westpark property. Residents will see maintenance crews mowing grass located approximately 20 feet from residential property lines and a four-foot swath along both sides of the former golf cart paths, which are now open for public use. Mowing activities will occur weekly April through October 2023. 

Weather permitting, rough-cut mowing will occur two times in 2023, in the months of July and October. The rough-cut mowing includes cutting the high grasses and weeds throughout the entire property. 

Building Demolitions

The county plans to demolish three buildings on the property: two former golf course maintenance buildings and one silo, which is unstable and must be safely removed. The disconnection of utilities from the structures has already begun. The demolition of buildings is expected to begin in April 2023, and last for approximately three weeks. 

Some areas around these buildings may temporarily be closed to the public while the demolitions are occurring. Residents should use caution around the area and follow all directional signage. 

Loudoun County does not own the former clubhouse and hotel that was previously associated with the Westpark property; therefore, the county’s plans do not impact this building.

Other Maintenance

Loudoun County also has conducted other maintenance activity on the Westpark property as needed. These activities include any essential maintenance of the former golf cart paths, stormwater maintenance along certain areas of the stream corridors, and the trimming of trees as needed. These activities are conducted only on an as-needed basis to facilitate the current use of the property by the public until the new park is designed and constructed.

Project Background

Loudoun County announced in August of 2022 (PDF) that it purchased 134 acres of property formerly known as the Westpark Golf Course in Leesburg. The new county-owned land, located around the Leesburg Country Club subdivision and along Country Club Drive, has been placed into a conservation easement, which will preserve the natural landscape. In the coming years, the county will develop the property into a passive park consisting of walking and biking trails with many natural and minimally disturbed areas. 

The county will begin engaging the community in the coming weeks regarding the future project. The passive park will be designed following input from members of the community and will be based on the requirements for property within the conservation easement.

The existing golf cart paths are open to the public for running, walking and biking while the planning process for the future passive park is conducted.

Stay Informed/Contact Us

Residents may contact the county about the Westpark project by submitting an online form.

To learn more about the project and to subscribe to email and text updates on the Westpark project, visit loudoun.gov/westparkproperty

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