Program Review

The Loudoun County Program Review document provides a comprehensive inventory and description of all programs and activities provided by Loudoun County and includes supporting performance measures. The document is updated and published every four years in conjunction with the election of the new Board of Supervisors and is intended to educate and inform the Board and the public about county government operations while also providing a programmatic view of the spectrum of services provided by county departments and agencies. The program review serves as a companion document to the Loudoun County budget and describes the services provided by the Loudoun County Government in greater detail.

Fiscal Year 2024 Program Review

The Fiscal Year 2024 Program Review is presented in its entirety and section-by-section, divided by functional area. 

FY 2024 Program Review (PDF)

Link to FY 2024 Program Review

FY 2024 Program Review: Section-by-Section