Riverside Parkway: Loudoun County Parkway to Lexington Drive


  • This project funds the design and construction of a new four-lane, divided road segment of Riverside Parkway from Silvery Blue Terrace to Loudoun County Parkway at George Washington Boulevard, the removal of Lexington Drive on both sides of Route 7, a new Loudoun Water main, and the replacement of the existing temporary traffic signal at Loudoun County Parkway and George Washington Boulevard with a permanent signal.
  • In conjunction with the planned Battlefield Parkway Interchange project, traffic flow will improve by enabling Route 7 to operate as a freeway west of Countryside Boulevard in Loudoun County.
  • Planning for the completion of this missing segment of Riverside Parkway began in June of 2013. 
  • The project is estimated to be completed by the fall of 2021.

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Current Status: August  2021

  • Loudoun County will hold a ribbon cutting on September 2, 2021, from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. More details to come. The road is expected to open to traffic in mid-September 2021. 
  • Two new segments of roadway south of Riverside Parkway and Smith Circle (east and west, respectively) have been renamed. Smith Circle’s new name on the east side is Bonnie Court and on the west side it is Garden Center Court.
  • A new temporary traffic pattern will begin in mid-April, shifting traffic to a new segment of Riverside Parkway from the Silvery Blue Terrace intersection to Smith Circle (east). Although the new segment includes a four-lane roadway separated by a median strip, only one lane eastbound and one lane westbound will be open to traffic. The temporary traffic pattern will restrict turns onto and from connecting roadways to one direction and, a four-way stop will be implemented at the intersection of Riverside Parkway, Smith Circle (west) and Garden Center Court. Electronic message boards will be placed several days prior to the traffic change to alert drivers in advance and will remain in place for the duration. Motorists are encouraged to proceed with caution and follow directions provided by signage. This temporary traffic pattern is currently estimated to begin the week of April 15, 2021 and continue until surface asphalt is placed in late summer or early fall 2021. For more details, view the Riverside Parkway Temporary Traffic Plan (PDF)and read the following:
    • Bonnie Court, previously Smith Circle (east), will be accessible via Riverside Parkway eastbound and there will be no left turn from Bonnie Court onto westbound Riverside Parkway.
    • Smith Circle (west) will be accessible via left and right turns from Riverside Parkway at the new four way stop.
    •  Access to Smith Circle (east) will continue around the loop and will be newly accessible from eastbound Riverside Pkwy at the end of the newly constructed road segment.
    • There will be no access from the east side of Smith Circle to Bonnie Court, but motorists will now be able to make a right turn onto the westbound lane of Riverside Parkway.
  • The intersection of Silvery Blue Terrace and Riverside Parkway, or old Lexington Drive (Lexington Drive will be formally changed to Riverside Parkway at the conclusion of the project), will remain closed while a new shared use path to Silvery Blue Terrace is constructed to align with the new roadway. This detour will remain in place until Riverside Pkwy has been paved and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps are completed at these intersections. View the Silvery Blue Terrace Detour Plan (PDF) for details.

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