Signatures of Loudoun

2022 Signatures of Loudoun Award Winners Announced

The Loudoun County Design Cabinet has announced the winners of its 2022 Signatures of Loudon Awards program honoring architects, builders and the design community. The program recognizes the buildings and public spaces that reflect outstanding design, renovation, adaptive reuse and visually groundbreaking projects throughout the county.

Awards were given in seven categories and presented during the Board of Supervisors meeting November 15, 2022:

  • Familiar: the exceptional attention given to surrounding buildings, places and details during the project design. A highly “contextual” design solution in which the new design looks as if it had always been a visually harmonious part of the neighborhood.
    • Winner: Lucketts Fire and Rescue Station (Kiran Parikh, Loudoun County; Chief Keith Johnson, Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System; Chris Roman, architect, Moseley Architects; Waynesboro Construction Company) 
  • Infrastructure: including facilities, utilities, roadways, bridges, streetscape, parkways and trails.
    • Winner: ReThink9 Hillsboro Traffic Calming, Pedestrian Safety, Infrastructure (Mayor Roger L. Vance, Town of Hillsboro; Vice Mayor Amy Marasco, deputy project manager, Town of Hillsboro; Volkert Engineering)
  • Interiors: an interior space in residential, commercial, retail or public sector structures.
    • Winner: Lightridge High School (Meagan Jancy, architect, MTFA Architecture; Michael Foster, MTFA Architecture; Loudoun County Public Schools; Howard Shockey & Sons Construction, general contractor)
  • Legends: projects or places that have stood the “test of time” over 25 years or more – icons that make Loudoun County unique.
    • Winner: VCE Loudoun Master Gardener Demonstration Garden (Barbara Bailey, Master Gardener volunteer coordinator, VCE Loudoun; Normalee Martin; Inge Radel; Kristin Westfall; Mame Ward; Sharon Perryman; Lorrie Greenman; Karen Salo)
  • Makeovers: historic renovation and/or adaptive reuse projects that mirror Loudoun’s reputation as a place of rich contrasts and preserve a piece of its unique history.
    • Winner: 338 Net Zero (Peter Burnett, owner and general contractor; Kevin Ruedisueli, architect)
  • Public Spaces: public greens, plazas, and squares that have become a favorite gathering place.
    • Winner: King Street Station Public Plaza (Don Knutson, owner; Land Design, architect)
  • Vision in Design:
    •  Winner: Paul Reimers, PR Construction. Reimers, who died in July, was recognized for his dedication to excellence in design and his commitment to the community.

Entries were judged by members of the county’s Design Cabinet , a volunteer organization of engineers, architects, planners and designers who encourage high-quality ecological, urban, architectural, and landscape design in Loudoun County.

2022 Signatures of Loudoun Award Winners

Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner
Image of Signature of Loudoun award winner