Foster Parent Information

Are You Ready to be a Foster Parent?

Is Foster Parenting a Good Fit for You?

There are some questions you should ask yourself before taking the next step to be a foster parent:

  • Am I secure enough in my parenting skills while at the same time being willing to learn new parenting skills?    
  • Can I accept assistance and guidance from trained social workers?    
  • Can I help a child develop a sense of belonging in my home even though the stay is temporary?    
  • Can I love and care for a child who comes from a different background?    
  • Can I love and care for a child who, because of fear of rejection and loss, does not easily love me back?    
  • Can I love this child with all my heart and let him go when it is time?
  • Can I maintain a positive attitude toward a child's parents, even though many of the problems the child is experiencing are a direct result of the parent's actions?    
  • Can I set clear limits, and be both firm and understanding in my discipline?    
  • Can I tolerate major failures and small successes?    
  • Do I view bed-wetting, lying, defiance, and minor destructiveness as symptoms of a child in need?    
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What are the Characteristics of a Successful Foster Family?

Commitment, patience, understanding, flexibility, good communication, open to feedback and direction, ability to ask for help when needed, ability to set clear boundaries and limits, ability not to personalize a child's behavior, sense of humor, ability to work as part of a team with the child's social worker, counselor or others.

Support for Foster Parents

  • All medical and dental care through Medicaid or other sources
  • Financial assistance for room, board, clothing and related expenses
  • Ongoing training and supportive services
  • Social events

Little Known Facts About Foster Parenting

  • Foster parents are part of the child's professional care team
  • Foster parents have a right to attend court hearings on their foster child
  • Single individuals as well as married couples can become foster parents
  • There are national organizations that provide training, support and advocacy for foster parents