Area/Strategic Plans

Comprehensive Plan

Loudoun County's 2019 Comprehensive Plan consists of the General Plan, specific strategic plans, Area Management Plans, and the Countywide Transportation Plan. The General Plan provides Countywide goals and policies for managing growth and development while area management plans and strategic plans, such as those below, outline more specific strategies for local planning areas or particular issues.

Board of Supervisors Adopts 2019 Comprehensive Plan

On June 20, 2019, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors  adopted the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan. Related documents, including staff reports regarding the adoption of the plan are posted online as part of the Board’s June 20, 2019, packet

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Community Planning Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning is working on a number of Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAMs) to the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan