Duplicate Permits

If you need a replacement of your permit, you must complete one of the forms below and file it with the Loudoun County Circuit Court. Your original permit must have been issued by Loudoun County Circuit Court. If you have recently moved to Loudoun County and wish to change your address on your permit, you will need to contact the Virginia county that issued the permit in order to update the address.


You will need a copy of valid photo identification and either a copy of your previous/current permit, or if not available a copy of the documentation that demonstrates your competence with a handgun.

A $10 payment is required for an address change and $5 is required for a lost/stolen/destroyed permit, or if your name is changing.

Submitting Requests

Duplicate Permit requests may be submitted in person or by mail. Bring your request and filing fee to the Civil Division of the Clerk of the Circuit Court during normal business hours or send your completed paperwork and filing fee to:

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Attention: Civil Division
P.O. Box 550
Leesburg, VA 20178