Point-in-Time Homeless Count

The Loudoun County Continuum of Care conducts the annual Point-in-Time Count of persons in the community experiencing a housing crisis or literal homelessness every January. The count is intended to provide a single-day snapshot of a community’s homeless population as well as households that may be on the brink of becoming homeless. The count is an important factor in helping the Department of Family Services and its community partners provide appropriate services to those who are faced with challenging housing situations ranging from rental eviction to literal homelessness..

During the count, members of the Continuum of Care along with staff from local nonprofits canvass the county to assist anyone that is unsheltered by providing resources, non-perishable food and other needed items. Local law enforcement personnel and mental health clinicians also assist with outreach efforts across the county.

2024 Point-in-Time Homeless Count

Loudoun County is among the jurisdictions in the National Capital Region that will conduct the annual Point-in-Time Count of people in the community who are experiencing a housing crisis or homelessness. The count is scheduled to be conducted the night of Wednesday, January 24, 2024. 

2023 Point-in-Time Homeless Count

Benefits of the Point-in-Time Homeless Count

  • Communitywide Assessment: The Point-in-Time Count includes outreach to a wide range of demographics including young adults ages 18 to 24, veterans, people over 60, families and others.
  • Program Development: Results from the Point-in-Time Count contribute to data-driven decision-making for specific types of housing needs and areas of program development.
  • Increased Awareness: The Point-in-Time Count encompasses all areas of Loudoun County with targeted outreach to rural areas to ensure a connection for needed community resources.

The Point-in-Time Count is conducted annually across the United States in late January, including in the jurisdictions that make up the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), of which Loudoun is a member. More information is available on the COG website.

Contact Information

Anyone interested in more information about the Point-in-Time Count should email the Loudoun Continuum of Care Coordinator.

Partnership in the Community

The Loudoun Continuum of Care is a partnership between local government, nonprofit agencies, the public school system, health care providers, faith-based organizations and others that work together to address the needs of those experiencing housing instability or homelessness in Loudoun County.