Route 15 North Widening: Battlefield Pkwy. to Montresor Rd.


  • This project includes the design, land acquisition and construction to widen Route 15 from two to four lanes between Battlefield Parkway and Montresor Road. The project scope includes: 
    • a signalized Continuous Green "T" (CGT) intersection at North King Street to allow through traffic to continue north on Route 15 without stopping
    • an updated signalized intersection at Whites Ferry Road
    • a two-lane hybrid roundabout at Montresor Road
    • a realigned section of Limestone School Road to connect with the Montresor Road roundabout
    • a shared use path on the west side of Route 15 from Tuscarora High School to Montresor Road
    • a shared use path along the entire length of Whites Ferry Road
  • The design process includes context-sensitive methods and follows the Journey Through Hallowed Ground guidelines where possible.
  • The results of the Route 15 North Congestion Report, initiated to reduce traffic between Battlefield Parkway and Whites Ferry Road, were presented to the Board of Supervisors in May 2017.
    • Recommendations from the report included widening Route 15 from two to four lanes between Battlefield Parkway and Montresor Road.
    • As a result of the report, the board directed the initiation of the Route 15 North Safety and Operations Study to identify potential improvements between Whites Ferry Road and the Maryland state line.
  • Public workshops and focus group meetings were held between August 2017 and October 2018 to obtain public feedback on Route 15 North widening design alternatives and evaluate traffic data and proposed concepts for the Route 15 North Safety and Operations Study.
  • The project is based on congestion, safety and operational studies that were performed between 2016 and 2018, endorsed by the Board of Supervisors on May 18, 2017 and expanded by the Board on September 20, 2018.
  • A phase I environmental site assessment was completed in March 2020.
  • Wetlands delineation was completed in March 2020.
  • Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure staff presented an information item to the Finance/Government Operations and Economic Development Committee on May 12, 2020 showing how the project will be split into two phases:
    • Phase I will incorporate the road widening between Battlefield Parkway and Whites Ferry Road.
    • Phase II will incorporate the roadway widening between Whites Ferry Road and Montresor Road, the relocation of Limestone School Road, and construction of the roundabout at Montresor Road.

Public Information Meeting 

  • Loudoun County held a virtual public information meeting on October 29, 2020. Members of the public asked questions and provided comments to the project team. Exhibit materials showing updates to the March 2020 30% design and a question and answer document are available in the Document section below.

Current Status: July  2022

  • At the Board of Supervisors business meeting on July 5, 2022, Loudoun County approved the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) related to safety and operational improvements to U.S. Route 15 north of Leesburg. With this approval, the Loudoun County 2019 Countywide Transportation Plan (2019 CTP) will be amended by changing the planned ultimate condition of U.S. Route 15 between Montresor Road and the Maryland state line. The proposed improvements of this CPAM include:
    • Widening of U.S. Route 15 to four lanes between Montresor Road and the Village of Lucketts.
    • The installation of a median divide on U.S. Route 15 from Stumptown Road north to Saint Clair Lane.
    • Construction of a bypass around the Village of Lucketts to the west of existing U.S. Route 15. Final location and alignment of the bypass will be determined during the roadway design process.
    • Additionally, the Board of Supervisors (Board) directed county staff to identify safety and operational improvements to the U.S. Route 15 corridor that could be made in advance of the ultimate improvements authorized by the CPAM to improve corridor safety and reliability as soon as possible.  A prioritized list of potential improvements to include the estimated costs and timeframes to complete each improvement will be presented to the Board for consideration no later than the October 18, 2022 Board meeting.
  • Loudoun County provided an update to the Town of Leesburg on Route 15 North Project Improvements, including this Route 15 North Widening project, during the Leesburg Town Council Work Session on April 25, 2022. A video of the meeting and agenda are available for viewing on the Town of Leesburg Webcasts page.
  • Currently, Phase I design is at 90% completion and was submitted for stakeholder review and approval on March 31, 2022. The design team's extensive work involving floodplain studies and alterations are laying the groundwork for a Phase II 60% design review by stakeholders in summer 2022. 
  • Phase I construction is currently estimated for 2024 to 2026. Phase II construction is currently estimated for 2026 to 2028.
  • Right of way acquisition is estimated to begin in summer 2022.

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