Westpark Improvements


  • This project will design and construct a passive park consisting of walking and biking trails on the county-owned land located around the Leesburg Country Club Subdivision and along Country Club Drive. 
    • In August 2022, Loudoun County purchased 134 acres of property formerly known as the Westpark Golf Course in Leesburg for this project for $3.8 million from a private owner who bought the land several years ago following the closure of the golf course. 
    • Note that the county did not purchase an 8.2-acre parcel on which the former Westpark Hotel is located. This parcel remains privately owned and any future development is subject to the Town of Leesburg’s regulations.
  • The Westpark property has been placed into a conservation easement, which will preserve the natural landscape. The placement of property into a conservation easement imposes certain restrictions on the use of the land in the future, which includes how it is developed and maintained. 
  • The passive park design will be based on the requirements for property within a conservation easement. A typical passive park may consist of walking and biking trails and include many natural and minimally disturbed areas. The Board of Supervisors will approve the final design before construction begins.  
  • Funding for the project in the amount of $13.4 million is included in the county's Capital Improvement Program (Fiscal Year 2023 - Fiscal Year 2028) with completion of the passive park expected in Spring 2028.
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Current Phase: 35% Design Plans

Estimated Timeline

  • Winter 2023 - Fall 2025: Project Design
  • Winter 2026 - Spring 2026: Procurement of Construction Contractor
  • Summer 2026: Award Contract – Construction
  • Summer 2026: Notice to Proceed – Construction
  • Summer 2026 - Spring 2028: Construction
  • Spring 2028: Substantial Completion

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Conservation Easement and Maintenance Information

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  1. Conservation Easement
  2. Property Maintenance
  • The placement of property into a conservation easement imposes certain restrictions on the use of the land in the future. As a result, the former Westpark Golf Course land cannot be developed. 
  • The easement restricts certain aspects of how the county maintains the property, such as limiting the number of times mowing may occur along Dry Mill Branch and Tuscarora Creek to three times a year. The easement also restricts the removal of trees and vegetation, allowing their removal only for reasons related to invasive species, dead or dying trees, or trees that pose a human health or safety hazard.
  • The Westpark property is expected to be valuable asset in Loudoun County’s ongoing environmental preservation efforts. The property can help the county meet environmental requirements from the Commonwealth of Virginia; thereby helping to mitigate the impact of other development throughout the county. Improvements on the property, such as wetland and stream restoration projects and enhanced stormwater management infrastructure, is expected to result in significant nutrient and sediment reductions that will benefit local water quality as well as result in outcomes that are environmentally beneficial. 

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