Residential Occupancy Ordinances


The County receives a number of complaints regarding overcrowding in single-family dwellings. Overcrowding is a threat to public safety and the welfare of the occupants of the homes, as well as the neighborhoods. If you have a complaint about an overcrowding situation:

Other Important Information

Alterations to a residence such as converting rooms to other uses or building decks and sheds require the owner to obtain a zoning permit in addition to a building permit. Please consult with the Department of Building and Development by calling 703-777-0220 before starting construction.

  1. Occupancy Limitations-Dwelling Minimum Area
  2. Occupancy Limitations-Bedrooms
  3. Bedroom Regulations
  4. Occupants Per Dwelling
  5. Relationship Of Occupants

Occupancy Limitations Relative to the Size of the Dwelling Minimum Area Requirements

*Minimum area in square feet
Space 1 - 2 Occupants* 3 - 5 Occupants* 6 or More Occupants*
Dining Room No Requirements 80 square feet
100 square feet
Kitchen 50 square feet
50 square feet
60 square feet
Living Room No Requirements 120 square feet
150 square feet