Proffer Management

A proffer or proffered condition is a voluntary commitment from a landowner or developer to reduce or eliminate the impact of new development on neighboring properties and the county. In the case of residential development, applicants may assist localities by proffering cash or land towards public facilities and infrastructure needed to serve the new development, such as schools and roads.

Once proffers are accepted, they become a part of the zoning regulations applicable to the property unless subsequently changed by a zoning concept plan amendment application or by a new zoning map amendment. A guarantee may be required by the Zoning Administrator for the construction, installation, provision or performance of any public improvements, site improvements, facilities or obligations required by proffers.

Informal Proffer Information Request

To request specific research-based information on approved proffers in an informal and legally non-binding manner, submit a Zoning Correspondence - Determinations & Verifications (ZCOR) in LandMARC. Informal requests are for advisory purposes only and intended to provide information for specific inquiries on proffers that have been approved by the Board of Supervisors including:

  • Requesting a proffer status update on an approved legislative application;
  • Whether a particular proffer for a site or application has been fulfilled;
  • Whether the performance of a certain action(s) would satisfy an outstanding proffer obligation; or
  • Whether the performance of a certain action(s) could be deemed in substantial conformance with a particular proffer or legislative application.

Informal proffer responses are non-binding on behalf of the county. An informal response shall not serve as a substitute for an official proffer determination. 

Official Proffer Determinations

For information to request an official proffer determination, see the tab labeled determinations below. 

  1. Special Exception Conditions
  2. Determinations
  3. Appeals
  4. Resources

The Board of Supervisors may impose conditions, safeguards and restrictions upon the premises benefited by the special exception. 

Conditions and restrictions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fencing, planting or other landscaping
  • Additional setbacks from property lines
  • Location and arrangement of lighting
  • Setting of reasonable time limitations, size, height and location of signs 
  • Other reasonable requirements deemed necessary to safeguard the interest of the general public. 

The Board may require a guarantee or bond to ensure compliance with the conditions.