About the Office

Tim Hemstreet has served as County Administrator of Loudoun County, Virginia since December 2009. As the top administrator of one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States, Hemstreet directs and supervises the day-to-day operations of all county departments and agencies under the direct control of the elected Board of Supervisors. 

Hemstreet also serves as Clerk of the Board. The Office of the County Administrator provides administrative support to the Board of Supervisors and implements its directives with regard to Board agendas, meetings, resolutions, and constituent services.

Additionally, the county administrator serves as the Board of Supervisors' official liaison to the constitutional officers, the judiciary, and state and regional agencies. The county administrator also serves as the county's chief emergency management official.

County Administration Senior Staff

  1. Portrait of Charles Yudd

    Charles Yudd

    Deputy County Administrator
    Charles Yudd is in charge of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects. He also serves as liaison to Loudoun County's Constitutional Officers, Circuit Court and District Court, Library Services and the Office of Elections and Voter Registration. Mr. Yudd joined Loudoun County in March 1997 as the Land Use Review Division Manager in the now-former Department of Planning Services.

  1. Anne Lewis-Senior Staff

    Anne Lewis

    Assistant County Administrator
    Anne Lewis oversees the Departments of Animal Services, Parks, Recreation and Community Services, and the Public Affairs and Communications Division and the Office of Emergency Management with the Office of the County Administrator. Ms. Lewis also is responsible for the county's Legislative Program.

  1. Portrait of John Sandy

    John Sandy

    Assistant County Administrator
    John Sandy oversees the Departments of Finance and Procurement, General Services,
    Information Technology, and the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information. Mr. Sandy also serves as the county administrator's liaison to the Joint Board of Supervisors-School Board Committee

  1. Valmarie Turner portrait

    Valmarie Turner

    Assistant County Administrator

  1. Portrait of Kenny Young

    Kenny Young

    Assistant County Administrator

  1. Portrait of Caleb Weitz

    Caleb Weitz

    Chief of Staff
    Caleb Weitz oversees the operations of the Office of the County Administrator, which includes administrative support to the Board of Supervisors and Board meetings, records management, the Board meeting packet process, and Freedom of Information Act requests. Mr. Weitz and his staff also serve as liaisons to the Board's Finance, Government Operations and Economic Development Committee; and Transportation and Land Use Committee

  1. Portrait of Glen Barbour

    Glen Barbour

    Public Affairs and Communications Officer
    Glen Barbour oversees the Public Affairs and Communications Division of County Administration.

  1. Portrait of Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Coordinator of Emergency Management
    Kevin Johnson oversees the Office of Emergency Management within the Office of the County Administrator.