Filing a Financial Crime Report

Below is a list of things that detectives will need to thoroughly investigate your case. Please make sure to include this information in your report.

  1. Reporting party / victims full contact information to include:
    • Full name
    • Email address(s)
    • Phone numbers - include home, work and cell numbers as well as best time to reach you.
    • Social Security Number and / or Drivers License number
  2. Account Information
    • Credit Card number(s), including those from any cancelled cards.
    • Bank Account number - Be prepared to provide copies of any statements that are affected.
    • Name of the Financial Institution along with any contact information for them.
  3. Transaction Information
    • Where did the suspicious transaction occur?
    • When did it occur?
    • Is the suspect known?
    • Is the Financial Institution aware?
      • If so, provide any case number and contact information of a case agent that may have been assigned by the Financial Institution.
      • If not, you are encouraged to contact them and report the offense. Often, they will require a police report before providing you with detailed information.

File Your Report

You can file your report online.