The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office offers several programs that mostly depend on private donations and not public funds.

Sheriff's Office Donation Account

This donation account is used for flowers for funerals of employee family members, retirement events, appreciation plaques and good will activities for Sheriff's Office employees.

Project Lifesaver

The Project Lifesaver donation account provides the necessary equipment to effectively run this electronic based tracking program. This equipment is given to your loved ones who have medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, Autism, or other conditions, that have a tendency to wander from home and become lost. The program allows Loudoun Deputies certified as Electronic Search Specialists to fit clients with a wristband transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal. If the client becomes lost, the specially trained deputies will use a mobile antenna and hand-held directional device to help locate the client.

McGruff Safety Camp

The McGruff Safety Camp donation account is used to support the free summer safety camps provided by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

School Resource Officer Unit

The School Resource Officer Unit donation account is used to support the school resource officer program for purchase of unfunded equipment needs.

Community Resource Unit

The Community Resource Unit donation account is used to support this specialty unit that addresses quality of life issues that often lead to criminal activity. Donated funds purchase unfunded equipment needs.

Auxiliary Unit 

The Auxiliary Unit donation account assists this citizen volunteer unit with the purchasing of equipment and other needs. The unit provides services on a volunteer basis during public events and assists law enforcement personnel in the performance of their duties enhancing the services of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to the community. This can include guiding motorists through traffic detours during major events or road closures, as well as providing other public safety services to help protect Loudoun residents.

Crime Prevention Unit 

The Crime Prevention Unit donation account is used to support the Crime Prevention Unit. This program provides residents with outreach efforts and offers many programs to assist and train children in many aspects of crime prevention.

Donation Checks

Make checks payable to: Loudoun County Sheriff's Office <PROGRAM NAME>

Mail to:
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 7200
Leesburg, VA 20177