The Loudoun County Emergency Communications Center has joined the over 4,800 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide utilizing RapidSOS to enhance the data provided to first responders when you call 911 from a mobile device.

RapidSOS is an emergency response data platform that securely links lifesaving data from over 350 million connected devices and platforms to emergency services and first responders. 

By creating your secure and free profile with RapidSOS, first responders receive critical data when you call 911 from your registered mobile device such as: 

  • Your exact location
  • Real-time health information
  • Crash data

Getting data to the emergency communications center is more critical than ever and having immediate access to important caller health and profile data can help speed response times and ensure the safety of both first responders and those calling for help.



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  2. About RapidSOS

Individuals can opt-in to this service by creating an Emergency Health Profile at EmergencyProfile.org, a free service launched by RapidSOS in collaboration with The American Red Cross, the American Heart Association and Direct Relief. 

Follow this quick three-step process to create your secure and free Emergency Health Profile with RapidSOS: 

  1. Go to emergencyprofile.org
  2. Click “Sign Up”. 
  3. Enter your contact and health information and save your profile. Ensure that you keep your profile updated so that 911 professionals are receiving the most accurate health and contact information. 

Note: Individuals may also opt-in to share critical information with first responders by setting up their Apple Medical ID via the iPhone Health App and selecting "share during emergency call."