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1. Where are the ADU Purchase Program properties located?
2. Does Loudoun County own the properties offered in the ADU Purchase Program?
3. I just got approved to participate in the ADU Purchase Program. What happens next?
4. When I receive an offering from a builder and I do not want to purchase one of their homes, will my name be sent to the bottom of the priority list?
5. I have a large family and/or I want to live in a specific location. Can my name be placed on a special list for communities that meet these criteria?
6. I am on the third priority list (lives in Loudoun County/works outside Loudoun County), but if my new job is located in Loudoun County, will that change my priority?
7. The builder of the home I am purchasing is also offering options. Can I purchase options and how does it affect my sales price and financing?
8. Since I was approved for the ADU Purchase Program, I have moved and have a new address. What do I do?
9. How long do you have to live in an ADU?
10. What if the household income increases after an ADU property is purchased? Do I have to move out?
11. Do I sell the home back to Loudoun County when I no longer want it?
12. If I pay off my mortgage before the end of the 15-year resale control period, will the property no longer be an ADU?
13. Can I use a Realtor to assist me with finding a property with the ADU program?