Jul 20

Board Approves Village of Waterford Improvement Recommendations

Posted on July 20, 2022 at 1:40 PM by Shawn Zelman

A series of infrastructure improvements for the Village of Waterford recommended in the 2022 Preserving the Landmark report and study were endorsed by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors during its July 19, 2022 business meeting. The intent of this updated study was to address the ongoing challenges associated with a growing number of overhead wires and cables, aging stormwater pipes and culverts, growing traffic volumes and high traffic speeds.  

The report includes a holistic approach to infrastructure improvements to tame the traffic, enhance the roadways and pedestrian facilities, fix the drainage and manage stormwater, bury overhead utilities, light the village, and provide a potable water system.  The recommendations would likely have “no adverse impact” on the characteristics that qualify the Village of Waterford as a National Historic Landmark (NHL), if designed to be consistent with the character of a rural historic village. 

 In 2021, the members of Waterford Citizens’ Association (WCA) and Waterford Foundation, Inc. (WFI) approached Loudoun County for their support in updating the concept designs in the 2003 preliminary engineering study entitled Bury the Wires and Tame the Traffic incorporating recommendations from more recent studies and resulting in comprehensive recommendations and updated high-level cost estimates for a program of infrastructure improvements.  

 For more information, visit the project page.