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Dec 22

LandMARC Update: County Continues to Improve System

Posted on December 22, 2023 at 10:36 AM by Heather Smith

Loudoun County continues to make improvements to the online Land Management, Applications, Research and Coordination system (LandMARC) that launched in August 2023. This week, a system update to the software provided additional enhancements for users. The county also continues to make staffing improvements to help meet the needs of LandMARC customers. 

System Update 

On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, the LandMARC software received a significant update that enabled improvements to the usability of the online system. 

LandMARC now allows applicants who have submitted a permit application with an error in the application’s designation of “work class” to proactively correct the “work class” within the existing application. Users no longer have to submit a new application to correct this error. 

A “work class” is a specific application type that must be indicated in permit applications. For example, a user who is submitting a building permit application may designate the “work class” as an “accessory dwelling or change of use.” The “work class” provides additional detail regarding the purpose of a permit application.  

A number of other enhancements to the LandMARC system provide efficiencies in the administration of the system by county staff to process a large number of transactions. These internal improvements are expected to further improve the county’s service to LandMARC customers. 

Other Improvements 

Loudoun County previously implemented updates to the system that significantly improved the time needed to download documents within LandMARC. Most documents now download immediately or within a few seconds, with some of the largest documents requiring additional download time depending on the user’s internet connection. 

In addition, a previous enhancement now allows users to apply for sub-records (trades permits) under the associated building permit for new construction at the same time. Once the building permit application number is assigned, it should be entered on the sub-record.  Previously, users needed to first apply for a building permit and once issued, could apply for related sub-records. 

Improving Staffing Levels 

In Loudoun County’s ongoing to efforts to improve service to LandMARC customers, the county has hired additional staff to help address the backlog of applications that resulted from the launch of the new online system. As new staff are hired and trained in the coming weeks, the county anticipates being able to improve response times to all correspondence, including inquiries regarding the status of permits and other applications. In addition, the additional staff will help reduce wait times for online, in person, and telephone customer services, while increasing the rate at which applications are processed. 

Status of Pending Permits/Applications 

As a reminder, county staff are systematically processing permits in date order with a focus on occupancy and health and safety related matters and then by permit type. The differences in dates noted in our progress updates are reflective of the following factors: 

  • The number of permits in the backlog in that category 
  • The time it takes to process that specific permit type 
  • The number of staff with the appropriate expertise who are assigned to that category 

Following the intake of a permit and after fees have been paid, the permit next moves into review. Review times are generally as follows: 

  • New Commercial: 4 weeks 
  • New Residential: 4 weeks 
  • Commercial Alternation: 3 weeks 
  • Trades (new/alterations): 2 weeks 
  • Fire: 4 weeks 
  • Zoning: 4 weeks 

Customers with questions about the status of permit process may review twice weekly status updates that are published on the county’s website on Tuesdays and Thursdays at  

Inquiries regarding the status of permits must be submitted using this online form. Using the form is the best communication method to ensure your permit inquiry is received. 

More Information 

To sign up for email and text updates regarding LandMARC, for permit status updates, to register for and to log in to a LandMARC account, and for more information about the system, visit the county’s website at  

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